DBPrism Servlet Engine
DBPrism Servlet Engine
What is DBPrism?

DBPrism is an open source framework to generate dynamic XML from a database. Unlike other technologies, such as Apache XSP or Oracle XSQL servlet , DBPrism generates the dynamic XML inside the database, transforming it into an active database. An active database means that you use the database engine not only to execute SQL statements, but to directly return a complex XML representation of the data stored inside as well.

Oracle XSQL and Apache XSP, can call Stored Procedures with <xsql:include-owa> tag or with the stored procedure taglib, but his primary design suggest to write the application logic in the middle tier. 99% of the applications made with these technologies do not use stored procedures.
Why everyone should use Cocoon with DBPrism for XML Web Development
  • Scalability , a PLSQL or Java stored procedure is scalable up to 1000 or more concurrent sessions without problems of memory leaks, or deadlock.
  • Better separation of concerns , logic in database side, presentation in a middle tier (web server).
  • Security , when the user executes a stored procedure, then s/he passes to the security level of the database. This security assets are declarative not programmatically, and then safer.
  • Development tools , if the programmer writes, for example, a Java stored procedure, s/he could use an integrated development tool to online debug the application.
  • Maintainability , if a programmer makes a change in any table of the application, the integrated dependency manager of the database automatically invalidates the stored procedures depending on this table.
  • Quick deployment , in a big application a deployment stage tends to be difficult, with stored procedures it is very easy. You only have to make an export and import of the application schema.
  • Automatic development tools , like Oracle project or MetaBOX . With little work it is possible to make an automated generator that takes logic information from a central repository and generates the stored procedures code.
  • Reuse of developer skills , many companies have developers with a lot of experience in Oracle PLSQL. With little training these people will be able to develop an application using DBPrism and the XTP toolkit (similar to htp toolkit of mod_plsql).
  • J2EE compatible , It means that you can run your OAS/OWS/mod_plsql/HTMLDB applications in the same container as your Java/J2EE applications.
Why everyone should upgrade to DBPrism from OWS, OAS, or mod_plsql
  • It's free.
  • It's J2EE compliant.
  • Parameters order is not relevant.
  • Supports UTF-8 database encoding.
  • Supports Oracle 7, 8, 8i, 9i, 10g and 11g.
  • Supports for CLOB parameters, no 32k limits on arguments values
  • You don't need to change the code of your packages.
  • You can simply set character encoding of html output from PL/SQL procedure.
  • Go to the XML world, with dynamic content generation using DB Generator for the Cocoon Framework of XML Apache Project.
  • Tested with OWS 3.x, OAS 4.x, Web DB and IAS 1.0 toolkits
  • Support for Java Stored Procedures
  • Support Single Sign ON, JAAS using Oracle JDBC proxy user support
  • Includes Content Management System, based on Oracle CMS. CMS is the software that built this site.
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